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When your dentist, Dr. Seth C. Conley and Dr. David A. Dickey, cements a hard, plastic, temporary crown in place, it’s only intended to protect the sensitive abutment. While you await the completion of your new crown, you must keep in mind that it cannot replace the full function of the tooth for biting, chewing or grinding food.

It’s best to avoid chewing gum and eating sticky foods on that side of your mouth because it could potentially pull the temporary crown loose. You should also avoid eating hard foods in that area of your mouth. This could potentially crack the hard, plastic cap and damage the abutment.

Your temporary crown also needs to be included in your daily oral routine. Healthy gums will help insure that your new crown will fit comfortably in place. Make sure to brush and floss the temporary crown twice each day.

If you’re having trouble working the strand of floss around the temporary crown, you might want to try using waxed floss. The waxy coating will allow the strand to slip between teeth and around the temporary crown easily.

If you have a problem with your temporary crown in Greensburg, Indiana, you should call Family Dental Care of Greensburg at 812-663-4400 to have it examined and treated. Any significant delay could result in serious complications.