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At Family Dental Care of Greensburg, in Greensburg, Indiana, Dr. David Dickey and Dr. Seth Conley know how important dental checkups are to your child’s health, and encourage you to bring your child in every six months. This helps us to rule out any undiagnosed oral conditions your child may have, such as a painful tooth or other chronic dental problem.

Children with chronic dental pain may not always tell their parents that something is wrong, often because they don’t know what is happening to them. Untreated dental conditions can lead to difficulty eating, speaking and concentrating, and may result in your child missing school. Sometimes the only sign that your child is suffering might be that your child may appear anxious, depressed or tired.

To determine how often your child should be seen, Dr. David Dickey and Dr. Seth Conley will assess the following:

— Your child’s eating habits.
— How well your child’s teeth are maintained.
— Any past treatment your child has received and what their current needs are.
— Whether your child drinks fluoridated water.
— Any factors that may indicate susceptibility to oral diseases.

Dr. David Dickey and Dr. Seth Conley recommend bringing your child in every six months for a routine dental cleaning and exam, but depending on your child’s oral condition, they may suggest more frequent visits. They will examine your child’s smile for signs of any damaging dental conditions or diseases, and using dental X-rays to further evaluate your child’s smile, they will make sure your child receives the dental care they require.

Periodic professional dental checkups will help keep your child’s smile healthy as they continue to grow. If your child needs a dental checkup, please call Family Dental Care of Greensburg, in Greensburg, Indiana at 812-663-4400 today!