A Hard, Plastic, Temporary Crown Is Only Meant to Protect an Abutment

When your dentist, Dr. , cements a hard, plastic, temporary crown in place, it’s only intended to protect the sensitive abutment. While you await the completion of your new crown, you must keep in mind that it cannot replace the full function of the tooth for biting, chewing or grinding food. It’s best to avoid… Read more »

Halloween & Your Child’s Oral Health

The leaves are changing; the weather is cooling down. It’s the time of year for sweaters, hot cocoa, and of course, Halloween! This festive holiday gives your children a chance to dress up and to stockpile on free candy. The intake of candy can present dental health issues if not handled carefully. Here are a… Read more »

Does Your Child Need a Dental Checkup?

At Family Dental Care of Greensburg, in Greensburg, Indiana, Dr. David Dickey and Dr. Seth Conley know how important dental checkups are to your child’s health, and encourage you to bring your child in every six months. This helps us to rule out any undiagnosed oral conditions your child may have, such as a painful… Read more »

What Are Six Month Smiles®?

At Family Dental Care of Greensburg, located in Greensburg, Indiana, Dr. Dickey and Dr. Conley are excited to offer Six Month Smiles® for our patients looking for smile solutions for their crooked teeth. If you would like your front teeth (the “social six”) straightened, but don’t look forward to 18-30 months of traditional braces, we can help. If you are… Read more »

Daily Considerations that Help You Take Good Care of Your Crown

A temporary crown is only intended to serve its purpose for a short amount of time. Its only job is to protect the abutment from damage while you await the completion of your permanent crown. If it is damaged or loosened, it could cause significant complications. So, it will require the utmost care and consideration… Read more »

Fix Decayed Teeth With a Root Canal

The natural bacteria in your mouth are pervasive by nature. They don’t miss an opportunity to exploit a weak spot in your tooth enamel. This begins with a common cavity, but left unchecked this cavity can quickly develop into a serious situation. Should the area of decay extend down into the internal structures of the… Read more »

Boost Your Smile This Summer with a Professional Cleaning and Exam

At Family Dental Care in Greensburg, Indiana, Dr. Dickey and Dr. Conley are excited to boost your smile for the active days of summer with our dental cleaning and exam. According to the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), patients who receive regular dental cleanings and exams every six months benefit from improved oral health. Our… Read more »

Dental Implants: A Permanent Solution for Missing Teeth

At Family Dental Care of Greensburg, the dental practice of Dr. David Dickey and Dr. Seth Conley, we are pleased to offer dental implant restoration for our patients looking for a natural looking smile after losing a tooth–or several. You can lose your precious pearly whites for a variety of reasons, tooth decay and gum… Read more »

Dealing With Something Stuck in Your Teeth

It’s not at all uncommon for a small piece of food to get stuck between your teeth. Sometimes a tough piece of meat, seeds, or fruit peels can get stubbornly wedged in your teeth. This is often uncomfortable and could even cause a little pain. Even if you’re in discomfort, you will need to keep… Read more »

Root Canal Recovery: What You Should Know

If you plan to undergo a root canal in , , our team at encourages you to prepare in advance to make your recovery process as simple and comfortable as possible. To help your mouth heal, we suggest the following steps: – Take pain relievers as instructed: Your dentist will prescribe pain medication at the… Read more »